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Quick Responsive Defense


QRD - Quick Responsive Defense is a competition in self defense where you get to test your reaction time and skills under pressure.

Quick Responsive Defense - QRD was created by Christian Hvidberg in 2010 to raise the level of self defense skills among the students training classic Martial Art. Many styles have moved too fare away from reality because our society has evolved and changed during time, which have changed the way we fight and how the violance is applyed in the streets. So to challenge and improve our participants skils and reflexes, QRD is a great tool to messure how well the student can adapt to surprise and implement their tecniqes in a competition. Its still a competition so it will never be 100% realistic, but it is a lot of fun.

There is a slight difference between the attacks in the male and female groupe. The reason is that there are some attacks in the streets that are more common toward forexample woman than men, and vice versa, so to accomomondate this fact we have adjusted the attacks to get a step closer to an realistic approch.

QRD attacks for females 

Here are the PDF files of the attacks for the female participants. 



High level 

QRD attacks for males

Here are the PDF files of the attacks for the male participants.



High level 

Quick Responsive Defense - QRD 

When QRD was created by Christian Hvidberg, he was inspired by random attack and a reflex drill that was adapted into our training from our traning under the legendary Jan de Jongs Tsutsumi Ryu Jujutsu.

The idea of reflex traning under pressure is not far away from how we have trained before, so the QRD is just combining an old way of competing with a refelx drill and the putting it all into a competing format with tool and rules to make it work.

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