Founder of Mizunokokoro Ryu Jujitsu.

Christian Hvidberg was born in 1966 in Hjørring, Denmark. Christian started his MA training at home with his parents whom was graded in Judo and Jujitsu. Later he officially started traning in 1976, in Hjørring Judo and Jujitsu Club. 

Christian Hvidberg


''It has always been my goal to create a ju-jitsu system that has roots in the classical training and will remain interesting for the students to train. It has also

been my goal to creating a system that conects with self defense so each individual during the process will learn to protect them self's while having fun''

The technical side of the system is a mix of different martial arts, but the core of the system is inspired by the Tsutsumi Hozan ryu Ju-jitsu, Aiki-Jutsu, Kenpo, Aikido and have also some influence from filipino styles. The later years it has a lot of influence from Street Sence self defense system. The system is continusly polished and refined to meet the demands that are expected from a moderne Ju-jitsu system. Gradings in this system do not come easy, it is hard work physically and mentally.

Throughout the years Christian Hvidberg have taught Ju-jitsu and self defence in Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Sweden, USA, Holland, Australia, Mexico, Iceland, Germany, Spain, Japan, England, Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia, Italy, Austria and Croatia.


Beside Ju-jitsu Christian has throughout the years practiced Aikido, Arnis, Aiki-jutsu,Tae-kwon-do, Judo and Kenpo.

Since 1989 Christian has taught and graded hundreds of children and adults in Ju-jitsu.

Christian Hvidberg was born in 1966, in Hjørring, Denmark, where he started his martial art training in 'Hjørring Jiu-Jitsu and judo club' in 1976: His parents and grandmother trained Judo and Jujitsu there for many years, so it was natural for him to chose this direction in life.

He started to train Ju-Jitsu, and later added Judo to his training in Hjørring. (which is the oldest MA club in Denmark)

In 1977 he got his first Self defense certificate, for passing the basic selfdefense course in Hjørring Jiu Jitsu Club.

From 1979-1985 he was a member of Dansk Judo Union, while praticing Judo.


From 1984-1992 he was a member of the World Ju-jitsu Federation.


In 1979 Christian won a silver medal in Judo, at the Vendelbo cup in Skagen.

in 1981 he won a silver medal in Judo, at a Nordic championship, in Keflavik Iceland.

In 1982 he won a gold medal in Judo, at the Danish championship of region vest.

In 1982 he won a gold medal in the Danish championship.

In 1982 he was awarded the sportsaward of Hjørring concil, for his results in competing in Judo.

in 1983 Christian won a silver medal at the Danish champions ship in Judo. 

In 1986 Christian moved to Aalborg, and started training in ’Aalborg Self Defence and Ju-Jitsu Club’, and a few years later he also began practicing Tae-kwon-do, Aikido and Arnis along with jujitsu.

In 1988 Chrisitan won a gold medal at the Danish championship in Self defense.

in 1988 he won a gold medal at the self defense competition Jigotai-cup in Denmark.

In 1989 he won a silver medal at the Danish championship in Self defense.


In 1990 he won a bronze medal at the Danish championship in Self defense

In 1990 he won a gold medal at Jigotai-cup, in Denmark.

in 1991 he was graded 1. dan Ju-jitsu by Allan Campbell from the World Ju-jitsu Federation.

In 1991 he  won a gold medal at the Danish championship in Self defense.

in 1991 he won a gold medal at Jigotai-cup, in Denmark

In 1991 Christian became a member of the Bushido Ju-juitsu Academy.


Christian was member of United Nations of Jujitsu and Dansk Ju-jitsu forbund from 1993-1998

Practiced Iaido from 1998-2010

in 1993 he was graded to 2. dan Ju-jitsu by Txema Domenech, Spain and Jhonny Bernachewice, Belgium.


In 1995 Christian was appointed Chief Instructor and Technical Coordinator for Aalborg Selvforsvar og Ju-jitsu Klub.

In 1995 he won a siver medal in United Nations of Ju-jitus's duo games.


in 1996 he was graded to 3. dan in Ju-jitsu by Jhonny Bernachewice, Belgium and Txema Domenech, Spain.

In 1996 he fonded Yu-jin Cup together with Allan Sørense. Yu-jin Cup is a competition in ASJK. 


In 2000 Christian founded the Jujitsu system 'Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu.

Christian has also participated in 5 episodes about self defence on the Danish tv channel: TV Danmark.


In 2003 he was graded to 4. dan Ju-jitsu by Jhonny bernachewice, Chi ryu Ju-jitsu, Belgium.


In 2004 participated on the Danish national Iaido team at the European Championships for Iaido in Stocholm, Sweden.


Christian have been practitioner of Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Iaido since 1998, and was graded

Shodan in Iaido, in 2004 when he participated in the European championship in Iaido in Stockholm, Sweden. The EM in Stockholm was organized by the European Kendo Federation.

Co-founder of STREET SENCE

In 2006 Christian Hvidberg and Terje Theiss founded the company Sence - SCMS

Sence Conflict Management Systems, that teaches reality based self defence. SCMS teaches all kind of professions that deals with physical conflicts and also teach civilian self defence.


In 2008 Christian became a member of the Martial Art Alliance.

In 2008 Christian was gradede 5th dan by Alexander Sivkov and Alexey Mischenco. 

Created QRD - Quick Responsive Defense

Christian created the self defense competition QRD - Quick Response Defense. Where participants get their selfdefense skills tested on a competing level. The competition is based on reflex training.

Was promoted to the title of "Kyoshi" in october 2009, recognized by Steve Barnett.


Was certified as Personal Defense Readiness Fundamental Coach, in Blauer tactical system in january 2010, in Vancouver Canada.

In 2010 became a member of Goshin Ryu International

Was graded to 6th dan in Ju-jitsu in december 2010, by Steve barnett.

Did his 2nd fundamental coach certification in Tony Blauer's SPEAR and PDR system in june 2010 in Lancaster, England.

World Alliance of Martial Arts

November 2011, Christian made the first preparations for making of the World Alliance of Martial Arts.


In 2012 he was a part of the co-founders of the World Aliance of Martial Arts, together with Steve Barnett from UK and Ralf Karp from Germany.

In March 2012, he became the Danish representative and Administrative coordinator, of the World Alliance of Martial Arts.

In 2012 Christian was also appointed the National Technical Director of WAMA Denmark. 

He became a member of BBA Black Belt Alliance in September 2012.

Was in April 2012, honored by being inducted to the Jujitsu Federation of Kazakhstan Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Was graded to 7th dan in Ju-jitsu by Steve Barnett in October 2014, at the celebration seminar of the 40th years of anniversary of ASJK.

In 2015-2016 he was appointed President of WAMA.

In 2016 Christian celebrated his 40 years of anniversary in Martial Arts with his friends in Kazan, Russia, with a big seminar and party

In 2019 launched the instructor certification in Street Sence, reality based selfdefense, together with Terje Theiss. 

Invitus Fightwear

In 2020 Christian Hvidberg created his own Martial Art wear brand called Invictus Fightwear -

In 2022 He recived the grading of 8th dan - Hachidan in Ju-Jitsu by Hashi Steve Barnett. 

In 2023 Christian Hvidberg was accepted into the board of World Combat Jitsu Association.

In 2023 Christian Hvidberg was inducted in the INTERNATIONAL HALL OF FAME OG MARTIAL ARTS, in Split, Croatia.