Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu - a modern Ju-jitsu style, adapted for the present

Welcome to the official websit for Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu  


On this site you wil find all the relevant information on the style

  • Activities that are related to our training
  • Where you can train Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu
  • Who have been graded for Yudansha
  • You can also read about the background of the the style and how it was developed
  • Links to our friends in Budo

Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu is a part of WAMA

For more information please contact: Christian Hvidberg on chris.hvidberg@gmail.com


QRD - Quick Responsive Defense is a competition in selfdefense where you get a good insight in how good your reaction time and skills are when comes to selfdefence

Quick Responsive Defense


  Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-Jitsu