Terje Theiss


Sensei Terje Theiss

Terje Theiss was born in 1964


Terje started ju-jitsu and karate in 1978 at ‘Kristiansand’s Jujitsu Klubb (Norway) and ‘Kristiansands Karate Klubb’ (Shorinryu). He did this until 1982 were he then started Jujitsu at ‘Tønsberg Jujitsu Klubb’ and Karate at ‘Holmestrand Kyokushinkai Karate Klubb’.


In 1985 he started Aikido at ‘Sunyata dojo’ in Oslo, Norway.


In 1987 he started training Arnis in Kristiansand, Norway.


Late 1988 Terje moved to Aalborg, Denmark, were he started at ’Aalborg Selvforsvar og Ju-jitsu Klub’ and ’Nørresundby Arnis Klub’.

Terje Theiss is graded:


3. dan in Aikido


3. dan WAMA Ju-jitsu


2. dan Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu


1. dan Arnis


1. kyu Kyokushinkai Karate



In 2001 he moved to Århus, Denmark, were he primarly studies Aikido at ‘Shobukan Aikido Klub’.


Through Terje’s martial art career he’s also practice other arts as: Judo, Karate, Iaido, Kendo, Escrima and Taekwondo.


During the years Terje have thought in Denmark, Norway, England, Germany and Canada


In 2006 Terje Theiss and Christian Hvidberg founded the compagny Sence - SCMC - Sence Conflict Management Systems, that teaches Reality Based Self Defence. www.sence.dk


Terje Theiss certified as a PDR fundamental coach in Tony Blauers Personal Defense Readiness system in january 2010.


Did his 2nd fundamental coach certification in Tony Blauer's SPEAR and PDR system in june 2010 in Lancaster, England,


In 2011 Terje did his 3rd PDR Cert in Münic, Germany


In 2012 Terje became a member of World Alliance of Martial Arts.


Was grade to 3rd dan in 2015 by WAMA Denmark