Flemming Blæsdal


Sensei Flemming Ørberg Blæsdal

Flemming Ørberg Blæsdal was born in 1970.

Flemming Ørberg Blæsdal started his Ju-jitsu training in 1988 in Nihon Ju-jitsu Yokokai/Bushidokai, ans was instructor in Bushidokai from 1999-2001.

He was the Chairman and instructor of Vilsted Judo club from 2002-2004, and Chairman and Chiefinstructor of Vilsted Judo and Ju-jitsu Club from 2004-2006.

During the years he have also praticed Judo in Vilsted Judo Club, and is graded 1. kyu Judo.

Flemming has tought Ju-jitsu in Denmark and Germany.


Flemming Ørberg Blæsdal is promoted:

In may 2015 Flemming was graded 4. dan Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu

In December 2013 Flemming was apointed Budoka of the year in ASJK.

In April 2012 Flemming became a member of World Alliance of Martial Arts.

In 2011 Flemming obtained level 2 in Street Sence, Reality Based Self Defence.


3. dan Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu in 2010

In 2010 Flemming obtained level 1 in Street Sence, Reality Based Self Defence.

2. dan Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu in 2008

Since 2006 has Flemming been one of the Seniorinstructors in Aalborg Selfdefence and Ju-jitsu Club.


1. kyu Judo in 2006


1. dan in Nihon Jujitsu in 2000